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Most of time the group will work in the kitchen together, creating a relaxing atmosphere with people who share similar interests in a wonderful environment. The kitchen is purpose-built to accommodate our unique teaching needs.

The kitchen The kitchen The kitchen

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Our courses focus mainly on the development of the skills and techniques involved in the preparation of Chinese cuisine. We concentrate on the fundamental methods that underlie authentic Chinese cooking.

Why not observe and absorb our easy to digest one day demonstration course? Only 25 per person!
Includes: demonstration, light meal and a glass of wine. Please email/call to book or for more information.

We usually tutor between 3 and 8 people per session, meaning attendees get the maximum attention and plenty of individual support. In a smaller group, special requests can be easily catered for.

The lessons combine demonstration of the theory and then practical implementation. You will also learn about the thinking behind the Chinese philosophy (Yin and Yang) and how it can promote a healthy body and mind.

Students of any ability are welcome, whether you are a novice or accomplished cook you will still benefit. The teaching manner is relaxed, friendly and fun and is intended to be enjoyable, so that things can be easily learned, retained simply and shared. The lessons will be interactive and we will support any questions you may have on particular foods, dishes and so on. We encourage all participants to work together as team and share ideas etc. All lessons will be conducted by the proprietor and all practical work will be supervised.

We grow as much of the vegetables as we can and try to keep all of our ingredients sourced locally, free range or organic as we believe this results in a high quality, fresher, tastier product. We place a great deal of emphasis on trying to have green vegetables with every meal.

Growing ingredients locallyGrowing ingredients locallyGrowing ingredients locallyGrowing ingredients locally

The atmosphere is pleasant and homely and since we are located deep in the countryside you will be able to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Once you have mastered the basic techniques and methods, you can adapt them for recipes to suit your own particular needs.

We can deal with individual or group bookings and courses can be adapted or tailor-made to suit your requirements. Ingredients, utensils etc are all provided and included in the fee, but you must wear suitable clothing (we suggest trousers) and comfortable (flat) shoes.

If wish to cover any specific ingredients or techniques, or would like to suggest a course, please enquire. Group bookings are welcome. When contacting us, please inform us of any dietary restrictions or allergies.

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