Frying outside Frying inside

A typical day on our cookery course...

  • Sessions start at 9:30am
  • Coffee or tea and a welcoming
  • Cookery lesson including practical demonstration
  • Late Lunch / Early Dinner– tasting and sampling the food prepared during the morning
  • We encourage participants to dine on the meal prepared in the afternoon as most dishes taste best fresh.
    If you prefer (at the end of the day) you can take the food home with you.
  • Sessions conclude at 16:00

Remember, it's not the ingredients you are paying for, it's the technique and theory you will be learning that will be far more valuable!

Students may wish to relax on our balcony or our garden during the breaks between sessions. Alternatively pupils may decide to visit some of the points of interest in the surrounding countryside.

The Chinese monitor health and lifestyle in a similar way to monitoring the weather. So we use the same method to describe our body’s temperament - enabling us to use every day food to do the balancing act. We follow good eating habits with everything we consume. The HOK Technique helps to enlighten you as to what your health and well being need.

The course includes many cooking techniques including: steam-roasting, steaming, stir-frying, poach-steaming, sautéing, deep-frying and boiling. All with accessible, standard ingredients like regionally obtained vegetables and meat produce. Our programme would widen your repertoire even more, on various ways of cooking each vegetable. The particular combination can suit your needs and provide you with a tasty and very nutritious meal. The methods are surprisingly practical, once participants learn how to integrate them into their routine.

In China, cooking styles and diet can vary from region to region, but the people all share the same belief on how to treat food and apply the understanding from their ancestors. It is central in a Chinese family that we all have the skill and knowledge to pass on from generation to generation. Everybody who tries it will be able to master the HOK Technique.

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